The Fourfold Grace

If there is a relationship wherein we cannot live without the other, then where would there be a grace greater than that?


Grace, in Won Buddhism, is a core expression of the interdependency and interconnectedness of all. The term grace in Won Buddhism signifies this interdependency and interconnection between all things. With regard to human existence, all things in the universe are classified into four groups and are known as the Fourfold Grace: the Grace of Heaven and Earth, the Grace of Parents, the Grace of Fellow Beings, and the Grace of Laws.

The Fourfold Grace is the manifestation of Dharmakaya (Truth) Buddha or Il Won Sang. It could be said that the Fourfold Grace and Dharmakaya Buddha are two sides of the same coin. In Won Buddhism, we see the world from the perspective of Grace, which implies “co-existence” “interdependence” and “oneness”.

The Grace of Heaven and Earth

The Grace of Parents

The Grace of Fellow Beings

The Grace of Laws